Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hi dear,

I'm sure we are in pretty good condition right now. I'm still in love with you and I'm sure that I'll forever will, I know my capabilities. Please, don't ever have a second thought of that. Yes, we are miles away, 6676 to be more precise. I know we can't meet everyday like we used to. Do you know what I've been telling myself when I'm at my lowest point? 

"Believe in jodoh, if it's meant to be, it will be,"

So dear,

As much as I would love to be in fantasy, forever, I need to remind you and myself that things are not going to be as smooth as we think. There will be time where, we are going crazy, being mad with each other, started to fight about little or dumb things. But, I'll never give up on us, on our relationship.

When I started to look at you at a very first time, I've promised myself that you're the last one that I'm going to try to put myself in. Don't worry, I'll do everything, to keep my promises towards you. Hold on, I'll be back soon, sayang.

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