Wednesday, November 14, 2012


1. Stop placing all the blame on other people for how they interact with you. Ingat , layan orang sepertimana kita mahu dilayan .

2. Stop being lazy by being constantly “busy.” Heyy , berlambak kerja dekat atas muka bumi ni .

3. Stop seeking out distractions. Tak payah nak cari , mesti jumpa punya .

4. Stop trying to get away with work that’s “good enough.” It will never good enough :)

5. Stop allowing yourself to be so comfortable all the time. Stop play safe ! Cuba benda baru selagi boleh cuba .

6. Stop identifying yourself as a cliche and start treating yourself as an individual. kita manusia , setiap seorang ada keunikan sendiri .

7. Stop expecting people to be better than they were in high school — learn how to deal with it instead. Hahaha , sometimes people never change .

8. Stop being stingy. Start spending your money on things that are important to you. Spend money on road trips. Spend money on healthy food. Spend money on opportunities. Spend money on things you’ll keep.

9. Stop blaming yourself for being human. Biasalah hidup tak semestinya dekat atas je , Jangan risau , kau okay :)

10. Stop ignoring the fact that other people have unique perspectives and positions. Approach orang ! jangan nak fikir semua orang biasa-biasa . dia pun ada potential !

11. Stop seeking approval so hard. Tak semua suka kita , dan kita pun takkan boleh nak buat semua orang suka dekat kita :)

12. Stop considering the same things you’ve always done as the only options there are. Cabang hidup ni banyak sangat . tinggal nak pilih je .

13. Stop rejecting the potential to feel pain. Sakit tu lumrah hidup , tapi constantly sakit tu masalah .

14. Stop approaching adverse situations with anger and frustration. Dalam hidup ni , kita akan jumpa ramai orang yang cuba nak halang minat kita , ada je problem . Be calm , kalau tak , kita pun terperangkap .

16. Stop meeting anger with anger. Api dengan api takkan jadi air .

17. Stop agreeing to do things that you know you’ll never actually do. Stand up for your own opinion ! Jangan nak jadi macam lembu kena ikat tu haaa .

18. Stop ‘buying’ things you know you’ll throw away. Invest in friendships that aren’t parasitic. Spend your time on things that aren’t distractions. Tapi ingat , dahulukan yang penting .

19. Stop being afraid. RELAX BRAH !

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