Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am Sorry AGAIN.

Okayy, sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry again
Sorry if I make you hate me though little
I didn't intend to do that
Yeah, I know that I am wrong

I am sorry my dear, will you forgive me?
I will tell you the truth now.

You're asking me about my feelings?
I'm not mad about that , but I'm just sad with myself.
Because I can't control myself.
I just can't control my sense of jealousy
I love you my dear, I love you so much

Am I crying?
Yes I am crying, I am weak right?
But still I will smile right away
Not because I am hiding my pain
But I am trying to heal that pain

Baby, I am sorry
I can't confess all this directly
But seriously, I need you now
Not only now, but for the rest of my life.


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