Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple New MacBook Air

6.39am, open up my Yahoo inbox, Apple send me a new updates about his products. The all new MacBook Air. Inspiration from iPad, become Apple's most mobile notebook ever. Whoa, like Whoaaa! really love this. Its soo thin, i think same thickness with iPad, or just double. haha. But, Don't judge book only by its cover. :)

As you can see, there are 4 battery packs that will make this MacBook a lastlong longevity life up to 7 hours. Whoa again. :D wanna ask you something, where is the 'harddisk'? see that 4chips at the left side? thats it :) 32x4 = 128GB. Well, not really a big storage. Still, they are using memory chips instead harddisk that will save space up to 90%. No wonder. :)

Well, its apple :) famous with their superb touch technology. with its mousepad, you can do almost everything you want. click, tap, scroll, pinch, swap, drag, punch, bla bla bla. cool huh?

Lastly, nahh, i dont feel want to write about it anymore, unless someone give me one ;D
check this website :

Bye :)


  1. really cool.. but i wont get a macbook air :)